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Gun Safe Light - Gun Safe Lighting System

Gun Safe Light Basic Components


Gun Safe Light is a motion sensor LED lighting system that automatically illuminates the interior of your safe. When the safe door is opened, Red LED light preserves your night vision. A touch of a button switches to White LEDs for normal viewing.


Gun Safe Lights is powered three ways:

  • 110V AC
  • AC with Battery Backup
  • AAA Batteries only

Red LED Mode

Gun Safe Light Red LED Mode

White LED Mode

Gun Safe Light White LED Mode

Gun Safe Light is the only LED safe lighting system on the market today that has dual color capability. Using both Red and White LEDs, the primary color is Red and the user can easily switch to White LEDs.

The Red LED Mode is useful for preserving your night vision after hearing a bump in the night or not disturbing family members when you are getting ready for early morning deer hunting. Tactical guys will like this too. The White LEDs clearly illuminate the contents of your safe for daily use. Switch between colors with a touch of an illuminated button.

The control unit has a motion sensor to automatically turn the lights on when you open the safe door. It also features automatic shut off to save the batteries. It can be powered with 110VAC by using the included wall adapter, by battery only using 6 AAA batteries or AC with battery backup. When operating on Battery Only, you can expect approximately 3 hours of continuous runtime. The battery life will be extended if the lights are only used intermittently (15 mins a day).

Installation is easy! The Control Unit and LED Strips use self-adhesive Velcro fasteners that allow you to configure the gun safe lighting system to match the interior of your safe. There are two sizes of LED Strips: 12” Strips are used for general lighting and the 6” Strips easily mount in shelf bays, corners, etc.

Gun Safe Light is made right here in the USA using as many components manufactured in the US as possible.